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Is it as nice as puppies, great -grandma?

Puppies, cria and babies are all out an about this lovely late spring day: we spent much of this last week outdoors working in the gardens and we deserved a rest day this week, I think. In the meantime, I need to tell you two things first so I don’t forget and leave it out.

Her name is Dolly, a thank you gift has been sent the person who suggested that. Don’t you love contests?

Second, May 21 to May 25, this week,  our best-selling devotional, The Sage, the Swindler and the Sheep, is going to be on a 99 cent Amazon download special just for our followers!  If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, this is the last time it will be on sale this year at a reduced price, so maybe better get it before the price goes back to normal and before Amazon raises the prices due to printing costs.  The Sage, the Swindler and the Sheep is about Paul’s letter to the Colossians: Was Paul an interfering old grump or a farseeing prophet?  This devotional based on Colossians may change your opinion of the man who caused revivals and riots.   From the notes and comments I’m getting, it is changing many people’s minds about this apostle. Get your copy now!

The Sage, the Swindler and the Sheep   


Tip for the week

Besides buying the book, have you ever tried putting just a large dot of glow in the dark paint on your wall switches so you can find them in the dark?  Coming home from the office late, groping for a switch you know is there somewhere is a lot easier when it glows.

Did you also know that getting glow in the dark paint out of our CBW’s hair is really hard?  And a baby with glowing hair spots is creepy at night.

And if you have emergency flashlights for when your electricity goes out, painting a stripe around them and then setting them up in a window to both dry and collect energy makes them easy to find in the dark.  And if you paint several large rocks with glow in the dark paint and set them alongside  the path from the house to the car, you won’t stumble around so much.

You get the idea I am fond of glow in the dark paint?  It just has so many uses.

Potpourri Press news

At present we are working on a cookbook memoir for Vella, a new cozy mystery, a cozy mystery omnibus, and the second book of Hidden America, about bigfoot, all due out during later May and early June.  This is while I am planting my spring gardens as well. Sometimes, we just get so wildly busy around here, but never too busy to speak with my friends. Drop me a comment-love to hear from you.

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