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Autumn, Fall; No Matter How You Say it, It’s Pretty

I think Fall is my favorite season; the trees are so bright against the sky; when you look up and look through them you almost feel as if you could fall into the deep blue.

Our little CBW turns two soon, and I can’t believe how soon she grew so big. Her laughter in infectious and she is learning to protest what she feels is unjust treatment. For instance, this morning before breakfast, she was able to move the kitchen stepstool over to the counter, open the cookie jar, take out two cookies, close the lid, climb down and hightail it over behind Dan’s chair where she thought she was hiding in perfect peace, having gotten away with filching two cookies. She didn’t and the protests could have been heard in Texas when grandpa Dan moved the chair, took the cookies, and put the chair back, all in one quick motion. She got them given to her after breakfast, though. Can’t deprive a great grandchild of cookies.

Great grandma, are you sure I can’t take one in with me for my nap?

I just completed prepping another book to go on vella and a book to be released at the beginning of next month on ebook. The work progresses nicely.

The front porch is almost done having the roof replaced. It’s noisy out there but will be good to know all the roofs on the farm are secure for this winter.

And don’t tell Dan but am considering getting him a puppy as a surprise-a dog made of dog as he puts it-he isn’t fond of my Pomeranians. I was thinking maybe a chocolate lab? hat do you think? Is a lab a good dog for an older type person who is still quite actibve?

And tomorrow we will be having our last cookout of the season.

And did I tell you the mums were blooming again? Fall is such a vibrantly colored season. Now I must go out and harvest a bit from the garden-we made tomato sauce froze the last of the green beans this week…and I want to see what else we can come up with for dinner. Blessings to all life on earth!

September – 24-30, Yes, here’s the last monthly special! Kith and Kin is on sale for 99cent per download on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NXXG5XM   get your copy $3 off.  Don’t you love saving money?

And we are joining the giveaway on Written word Media starting Oct and running through Nov.  There will be books, kindles-all sorts of gifts-watch for announcements!

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