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Renfest, Harvest, New Books

Tbear on his way to fantasy Renfest-he did eventually get shoes on.

Harvest is in full swing, we dug carrots, parsnips, and doing potatoes next week. I would say the Eden garden was a success.

And aren’t mums just lovely this time of year?

We’ll be heading out shortly for the SC convention in Tennessee. The retreat center is in a place called Clifton, on the border with Alabama. The Tennessee river is very close and the first day everyone is supposed to go kayaking. I will be holed up in my room on deadline, but hope to get a couple nature walks in place. Dan is in the throes of writing a term paper for his college class. Yes, he’s 75; he’s auditing a class for the fun of it. We’ll be presenting once at the convention. The CBW will be staying with her Uncle Ben for a couple days while we are gone and she is not enthralled. Ben is 6’4′ and little overwhelming. He’s gong to visit us a few times to get her used to the idea. Since she’s in the midst of stranger anxiety, it is not going to be easy.

Great-grandma, what did you say this guys name was?

And I wanted to remind you that starting Sunday the 24th, Kith and Kin Together Again, newly edited and covered, will be a 99 cent download for my friends and fans on Amazon.

Here it is and doesn’t it look nice?

Now we need to get moving; I have several things to do before sundown; the CBW is busily messing up the house I just completed vacuuming, and I need to finish the editing for my latest vella. Blessings to all!

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