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Orchids, French Fries and new Books

If Scott keeps looking one way and me another, no one notices just how many of these yummy things I’m eating.

Now what do orchids, fries and books have in common? It’s sort of a stretch. I ordered some new orchids for my collection and the UPS tracking system said they were held up by bad weather. In the meantime, our local small town, Fredericktown, was having a tomato festival and the munchkin went with Aunt Fawn and Uncle Scott to see it, which is where she discovered buckets of French fries which could be had by pointing and telling Uncle Scott hungry in sign language. And finally, my latest book on vella is doing well, How to Go from Daydreamer to Writer to Published Author. And the newest “normal” book, the third cozy mystery in the Melody’s Zoo series, is also out and will be on a free special for a few days in hopes lots of people download it and leave me reviews on Amazon. And all of those culminated on this day, when I rehomed the family’s goats.

My newest orchid.

It actually arrived in it’s shipping container blooming.

I shall miss the goats. They were friendly little guys but Dan and I are slowing down a bit so we are downsizing our herds. We also rehomed two male alpaca.

Don’t forget to download your copy next week-from the 11th til the 16th, it’s a free download! And please write us a review-it does help. Thank you so much-be careful out there and peace to all life…
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