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Just letting you Know, Life isn’t always Easy

Great-grandma’s going to have surgery and I can’t have any more baby m&m’s today. This is wretched!

Even our CBW is not happy and it takes a lot to get that little one down. Yes, tomorrow I have shoulder surgery so I won’t be able to post for a week or so. Getting old is not for wimps, as my mom used to say, rest her soul.

I finally got my office downtown cleared out completely and now I have two of everything-computers, printers, office chairs (actually 4 of those) bookcases all in the library-you can hardly walk through; good night! It’s crowded! I feel a trip to the Goodwill coming on.

Last night I released a new vella about gifting-it contains 10 episodes of gifts you can DIY that are useful, budget friendly and always appreciated-it’s called Meaningful Gifts. Just go to the Amazon vella page and type it in since this program doesn’t allow us to put that link on, for some reason only known to the Good Lord and programmers….

I did want to remind you of specials running right now-like the giveaway on our gifts page here; like the free download on Amazon of our first Christmas book, and the 99 cent sale coming shortly on our this year’s Christmas book: Christmas comes to the Tritowns is set in our favorite small towns and explores a mysterious set of circumstances-it’s really dashing good! That sale starts the 10th. This is the first book and it’s on special as we speak:

Just until December 8-free download for my friends! Merry Christmas! And this is the second book:
From the 10th to the 16th-only 99 cents for this download and it’s really good-getting lots of nice comment son this one. Hope you take the time to review it, too.

And now blessings, Peace and soon the surgery will be over and hopefully I’ll be back to normal-whatever that is. Maybe the CBW smiling again? Happy holidays!

That daddy of mine tells such great jokes….
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