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Cold, Colder, Not Quite Coldest, But Coming Soon

At least the indoor gardens are doing well

Yes, we all knew cold was coming. We got the Eden garden put to bed with a cover crop, a layer of leaves and liming it to sweeten the soil. I’ve gotten the hydroponics growing, all three of them and shortly we’ll have spring lettuce in winter.

And it tastes so good on sandwiches…

We’ve settled all of the outside and have enough firewood put away for many cozy afternoons of a warm fire and reading. Now, we just have to complete closing my private office downtown before Christmas and I can retire from one of my business. It theory, that ought to open up more time for writing and quilting and loving on great grandkids. Maybe even a vacation.

This is the hibiscus that refused to bloom all summer and is now covered in buds, now living by Dan’s chair in a sunny place.

I wanted to remind you of the special we are running Sunday the 12 through Friday the 17th: this is a 99 cent download on Amazon special. James is my favorite book of the bible. It has helped me personally in so many ways. Get your copy and see what I’ve discovered about social justice through work as a social worker and through the pages of the person I think of as the father of Social work. How do you treat your neighbor in these times we’re living in?

And finally, be sure you keep warm and don’t catch the colds and flu that have been going around lately. Healthy is a good way to be-peace to all life on earth.

Pray for the peace of Israel and the world.

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