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Puppies! Puppies! Lots of Puppies! And New Book…

Six are Cocoa, 2 from lady and 3 from Bambi so far.

Oh my goodness, but we’ve been busy. Not only have the mother Pomeranian dogs been in the motherly way, I’ve added a new vella and a new regular book to the line up; I’ll let you know about this month’s specials below.

I can’t exactly say I’ve been behind exactly, just projects seem to be piling up and I’m sort of perfectionistic about things, so I get them up and ready, set them aside and go work on another one until I have a clearer head; which makes it feels little like the pipeline is stuck, when it really isn’t. I’ve ordered 4 covers over the last week; my cover designers, of which there are two now, are keeping up with the madness of the end of the year.

However, bright side, the garden is put to bed, the frosts have been coming and we even had a skiff of snow so the farm, except for our dogs, are settling in for winter to come.

I will be soon shutting down my counseling office for good; I saw a lawyer yesterday to be certain I’m doing that correctly. He was a very nice man, charges $500 an hour for his services, so I suspect he ought to be nice. All is a go for me to be able to write full-time starting in January. If I can write 10 books and 8 vellas a year when doing it part-time, it’s going to look like a hurricane in the library around here soon.

Anyway, here are the specials for this month: be sure you get your copies and don’t get left out of the fun and the sales…

Our newest regular book, The Multifaceted Mind, is going to be a free download November 6-10. Allyson the gatekeeper was a high functioning multiple personality raised in a loving home by professionals. Her various egos had their part in the family firm, from accountant to detective, from gardener to infant, from martial arts master to shy nerd; so many voices speaking at once with the gatekeeper to get their time in the sun. When a co-worker is found murdered in her garden, she must find a way to clear one of them of a murder charge. If you want to move beyond plain mysteries and into the just plain weird but possible tale, you have to get the Multifaceted Mind!

Our Second Special November 12 through 18 is a ninety-nine cent special; the download of a devotional I wrote about the book of James, in this time of war, hate crimes and greed, how are we really supposed to act towards others? James is a book of social justice; a book of unity, written to emphasize the duty each of us has to accept each other and to travel the path Jesus laid down.  If you want to know how Jesus wanted us to treat each other, you need this book.

And our final special for this month is a real winner: our cozy mystery Omnibus, normally 6.99 as a download will be 99 cents from Nov. 26-30. This book combines the first three books of the Fiber Mavens Series in one book, so you can read it all as one completed story. Welcome to Lyonsville, a serene village where English and Amish shops draw tourists by the busload for the atmosphere, food, and handmade crafts. Brad and Casey just want to get married. And then terrorists attacks and murders started, each marked by a quilt block. If you like mystery, sweet romance, and small towns, you are going to love J. Traveler’s newest mystery. You need your copy!

There-three good reasons to be happy this Thanksgiving month! Count your blessings and I hope we’re one of them! Have a grand and peaceful day.

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