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The New Giveaway is on the Page!

Dash over and look at the gifts page on the pull down menu-our final giveaway of the year is the largest ever!

And I’d like you to know, a trip to the thinking chair isn’t any fun, and you don’t want to, so remember to sign up!

And with that momentous news for you, I’d just like to comment on the uncomfortableness of cold lately. Yes, I ought not rant about it but from sitting in front of my warm fireplace to my office where it’s dad blamed chilly-I believe I’ll go get a sweater. Now, the weather in and out takes some getting used to. Of course, it is almost winter. Have you gone Christmas/ Hanukkah or Kwanza shopping yet? And I know there are at least a dozen other December holidays that folks gift each other, so don’t think I’m leaving you out if these big three aren’t one of yours.

The puppies are growing and have their eyes open. The CBW is growing and jabbers a lot now. We plan on taking her out to a friends farm and getting a picture of her with the highland cows they range-darling things. You ever been close to one? They are just as cuter in person as the pictures you seem to see of them everywhere from sweat shirts to posters. I’ll share the pics here when we get them.

Me and a highland cow? Warning, cuteness overload coming soon!

And as for a final special or two for November, how about these?

November 25-30, Our newest omnibus will be a 99 cent special on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CBQYJ8M1

It’s nearly 500 pages, contains three full books and normally retails for 6.99-but for this, you save $6.00—get your copy and relax this holiday season!  And, at the same time,

Nov. 26-30, Psycoms, our newest, wildly popular Sci-fi novel, is going to be a free download.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CBXKFB8S

Happy Thanksgiving and stay warm!

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