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Vellas, New Books and The Fair

Can we take it home? It wants me!

It’s been a lovely if hot summer so far.  We went to the State fair with the CBW and she had an absolute blast! At 20 months old, things like butterfly aviaries are a wonder to her, and through her eyes, to us again.  Between the petting zoo and funnel cakes, she was one tired baby when we got back.

Our vella books are doing well-if you haven’t tried vella, it’s time to try it out. The first 3 chapters-called episodes-are always free; Amazon even gifts you with 200 free tokens to start you out, and there are hundreds of authors, not just me.  This is a serialized format, meaning, you download one chapter at a time and pay for each chapter in tokens.  It normally costs around 15 cents a chapter or less.  1700 tokens cost 15 bucks-and most chapters cost 6 to 10 tokens. Remember the old-time stories in the newspaper? It’s like that only wilder. I have six books out on vella so far: the latest is The Multifaceted Mind.

And our August calendar is chock full of specials, freebies and a monster giveaway-if you haven’t entered, get over to the gifts page and do it!

August Calendar

August 1-20, the giveaway is running! For a chance to win a free kindle 7 with cover, or an autographed book from our collection, sign up!  There are 24 prizes set up so far; if we get more than 500 sign-ups, I’ll add another kindle and couple books to the pile.  Just go to my website,  and pull down the gifts menu, then hit giveaway and fill out the form. I mail out the prizes August 28: I’ll announce the winners on my website.  https://travelerpelton.com

August 7-11: Piper’s Peace, the 3rd book in the Hidden American Series, is a free download for my fans

August 15 Preliminary date for the publication of Unity, Faith and Joy in One Letter: From Paul to the Philippians to Us as an ebook, paper back and hardback available on Amazon

August 13-20: The Falconcrest Chronicles, the four books of the Falconcrest series in their entirety, is a $1.99 download, -get your copy and settle in for a lovely day or two reading this 500+ page epic fantasy!

August 21-28: For the Love of a child, book one of the Melody’s Zoo cozy mystery series, is a 99 cent download for our fans.  Get your copy before the price goes back up and stays. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09X4VLM3X

Blessings and peace to all humans and life on this planet.

Everybody ought to touch a butterfly at least once! Goodbye for now!
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