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Croup, ER, and an Impulsive Grandma

Croup is not good for babies or their great Grandmas. But that does not prevent the CBW from trying to steal my pen while we were feeling so sorry for her poor little sick self…

Monday night, I hosted a cooking class in my home-Fawn and I are avid cooks and some folks wanted to learn new recipes so we are doing a 4-session cooking class. The CBW was a little off and was sneezing in sixes-one right after the other. She seemed to be OK, we completed the class, and since she was sleeping over, we got her and us ready for bed. We tucked her in but she woke up every half-hour. She spiked a fever, and then that awful croupy cough started, so at 11 pm, we dashed up to the ER, called her mom at work to come meet us, and baby was treated with an oral steroid. It was a scary experience. We thought she was just doing the teething cold thing-she is getting molars. Thank goodness for modern medicines.

At any rate, the next couple days she stayed close to her mom and I as she recovered. When she napped, I got The Infant Conspiracy ready for hardcover. It was sent off to Amazon and will be available in hardcover by Wednesday so,

(drum roll)

Sunday through Thursday, 12-16, in celebration of The Infant Conspiracy going into hardback, I am putting the download as free on Amazon. This is just for my fans-but you can share this website blog to get your friends in on the special offer! It’s not being advertised to just anyone-only those who have members of our group. OK, so I am impulsive sometimes, I was not expecting to do another freebie this month but it’s a celebration. Baby is better, I want to get a gift out to my fellow wanderers. It snowed and there has to be something good to do like reading when you are missing the flowers…So download it and have a good time reading!

And yeah, it is a little scary because it could happen!

And before it snowed today, the CBW was out yesterday in her favorite place-the slide.

Have a good time reading Great grandma’s books and maybe next time, she won’t notice when I steal her pen to write all over her tax returns…
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