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New PsyComs Vella Released!

Gramma, quick before I slide, what’s a psycom? Is it good with Oreos?

Just a quick notice to let you know

My new vella launched today!  The first episode is out, I am downloading three a week, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, so you can keep up with the action easily!  Please give it some love, read it and like it and maybe even follow:  thanks so much!  What is this serial story about? Glad you asked! Maletha Evans knew one thing for certain; the military was trying to steal her children, and she was not going to allow them to succeed. 

God bless and hope you have a good time reading! Remember the first three episodes are free downloads to your device; and after that, you need to get tokens from Amazon to purchase more episodes, but it works out to about 10 to 15 cents an episode or chapter, so it’s a really inexpensive way to have a book by you to pick up and read anytime.

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