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Roar of the Little Old Ladies

Uh-Oh, Great Grandma’s on a Tear! I maybe ought to get away from the Oreo’s.

We are almost done putting the books back onto our shelves in the library, just in time to start working on income taxes. (sigh). And right now, the sap is running, we’ve made 5 quarts of syrup for the family, and things are more or less going fine on the farm. Our book that was on special last week did fabulous; over 3200 downloads! That is a new record for us for the first five days a book is out there. So what is wrong with this grandma?

I am not ready for spring. The snowdrops are blooming, and the bees are out of their hives; the breeze is lovely, it’s in the sixties.

The bees were really glad to find flowers.

And it’s the middle of winter. Both my calendar and my body tells me so; my fibro is flared; my arthritis is complaining, my shoulder hurts and there is so much to do. I had counted on winter being around the right time and normal so I wouldn’t have yo start up the spring rush before the arm was better healed, but no chance of that. It make me grumpy. I don’t live in a southern state anymore, I expect a few weeks of snow to rest and catch up inside stuff before the huge gardening and clean up the yard push. We got four days of snow before it left. My calendar says first day of spring is March 19. Where’s my winter? I need my naps.

Not only that, Toby Keith died. That is beyond sad. We’ve lost a creative person who was not afraid to put his own opinion out there, who supported our troops, and wrote great stuff. I honor his memory. Rest in peace.

So even though I got to go to the Orchid show and see tons of lovely flowers, I’m pulled back and forth by the vagaries of weather, health issues, missing folks who’ve gone ahead of us and I hope my shoulder gets done healing soon so we can maybe start our garden. Gardening is the only thing can straighten this lady out when she’s out of sorts.

I guess what remains to do is to let you know that our next specials will be on Micah’s Quest, our sci fi space quest from Feb 13 to the 20th-maybe download it and read it with your sweetie, or for yourself if there isn’t a sweetie and with the way things are going, there might not be. Micah’s Quest is going to be a 99 cent special on Amazon; get you copy and fly off into the unknown in search of a better place.

Remember-day before Valentine’s day it goes on sale for a buck. Best thing to happen all day. Peace, and sunshine and maybe a little more winter to everyone.
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