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Great Day in the Morning! I forgot!

I just knew this would happen. Great-grandma is losing it.

First, let me wish you and yours the best of holidays.

Second, the final giveaway is over for this year is done: and I will be posting the winners shortly. Someone has got to win this kindle and these books! I need to get them shipped and out of this office!

Third, here are the specials for December. I forgot to post them yesterday!

Dec 1-8 The Infant Conspiracy will be a 99-cent special-if you want to sink your head into a book that sounds like it was lifted from the headlines and ideas of our modern day, carried to a logical extreme, you want this book. It’s alternately disturbing and entertaining, and not dark as that sounds. It will keep you up while you’re reading it and later as you consider what you read. It might change your view on what is and could be.

Dec 11-15 Criminally Quilted, one of our favorite and popular cozy mysteries, is our Christmas gift to you- a free download and just the thing to relax from when you’ve done heavy shopping, baking, and dashing through the snow. Get your copy free, sit back, have some cocoa and one of those cookies you just finished baking(or two or three), and enjoy!

Blessings and peace of the season to you all! I’ll do a post next week after I ship the prizes out and then shall relax a little. We’ll see you next year!

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