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Would you Care to Meet this in the Woods?

What do you think of those green eyes?

Just a short missive to let you know I am trying something different and hope you come along for the ride! I just started my first vella book and it will be out on Kindle vella in three days: Piper had her life planned. Finish her dissertation; graduate, teach, do research, find a nice professor, get married, have 2.5 kids, live happily ever after. Then she went to Baxter State Park to complete her research and met Sebastian, a handsome, well-mannered, war veteran with a very sketchy past and present. Suddenly, her plan does not look so good, and there are enough tribal and family secrets to make monsters real and the future of Piper, her family, and Sebastian’s tribe doubtful. Here’s the picture you’ll see the story under: BONUS-the first three chapters are free!

This is a cozy type, paranormal shifter romance and those who love my native tales are going to enjoy this; if you haven’t tried vella yet, it’s an inexpensive way to read a book serially on any device-most use their phones. Why do we still call them phones? They need a better name! I plan on adding two chapters a week until it’s completed and there are 48 chapters; it will be perfect for all those times when you have to wait for something; whip out the phone and pull up the next chapter to find out how Piper’s research is going. It was supposed to be on plants…Anyway, hope you try it. And Merry Christmas.

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