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Twerps, Little Old Ladies, Winners, and You

Honestly, Mr. We have plenty of room for a pony.

Hi everyone!  It’s Friday and time for me to post the winners of the 4th giveaway and bring you up to date on the crazy stuff going on locally.

First off, do not mess with the power of little old ladies in groups.  Yesterday I went out shopping for groceries among other things. I got out of Kroger’s to find another Little Old Lady struggling with getting her groceries into the back of her car.  There was this twerp behind trying to pull into her space once she left, so he was parked in back of her, rhythmically honking his horn every few seconds to get her to hurry up; he wanted to pull through.  Now there were other parking spaces but not so close to the store. I was parked next to her, so I set my groceries in the back seat and started to help her put her things in her car.  She was, under her ladylike breath, calling that fella everything but a white man, as my grandma used to say.  I just nodded and said, yes, bless his heart the poor man was raised in a barn with pigs.  She looked up at me and busted out laughing and we had to lean against the back of her car, laughing like maniacs while the twerp gave up, blew his horn hard one last time, pulled out, and left.  She put in her last bag, thanked me and I thanked her for the best laugh I’d had all day.   As for the twerp, I guess the stink eye from two little old ladies was too much for him.  He parked three spaces down from us and stomped into the store.   Child needed a time-out, in my opinion.  Do not follow his example, be kind to folks you meet; who knows what they’re struggling with? Well, on to the winners:

Did I win this time? Winning is almost as fun as bouncy houses.

Laurel L                                  Teresa A                     Tiffany K

Jasmine M                               Dee J                           David H

Brenda B                                 Denise W                    Sara Z

Linda Y                                   Jodi W                         Scott T

Kristy P                                   Becky P                       Jay O

Shelly R                                  Jean H (grand prize winner)

Bethany C                               Gloria W                     Jennifer P

Violet F                                   Nicole B                      Tanya M

Now, there were 8 other people notified, and I sent them notifications 3 times, but they never replied to the emails, so I did not get to send those prizes out. I will add those prizes to my end-of-January/Valentine’s day giveaway.  It’s too bad as I would have liked to have gotten them all their gifts but I can’t send snail mail to an email.  All the rest are posted to the local post office and ought to be there within a week-please let me know when they arrive!

Don’t forget to check out our vella book! Check it out on Amazon vella-the first three chapters are free.  I(f you like it, let me know.  

Don’t you just love glowing green eyes?

And I will be releasing a new devotional next week, most likely Tuesday or Wednesday. Here’s apeek at the cover:

What do you think?

With Dan and I both feeling under the weather it’s been a long week or seemed to be.  We took the CBW to the local foster kid Christmas party: we were helping with crafts.  It is astonishing how much noise kids in a bouncy house make…anyway, she had a rollicking good time, and the next day she had to go for her one-year check-up and get more vaccinations. Isn’t life like that: high one day, really low the next?  Anyway, I hope you and yours are doing well and are getting ready for however you spend the holidays.  Have a great holiday and don’t forget to watch for more updates.

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