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Grumpy Cat, Puppies to Be and Head Colds

Our CBW, newest writer at her new desk. “You best not come in, Great-Grandma has a head cold and she might put you in her next book!

It is definitely change of seasons, the fall leaves are gorgeous, it’s raining that cold fall rain, and it’s been foggy every morning this week. That means I have to catch and have caught my yearly fall head cold. I am hoping it doesn’t turn into anything else. I’ve had every vaccination the doctor can think of, from pneumonia, covid and RSV to flu and Shingles, so don’t see how I actually could have gotten a cold past all those defenses, but there it is. I am sitting here, sneezing, hacking and coughing, with a mild fever and a tired head while aunt Fawn and Uncle Scott have taken the CBW on her first Harvest party. They’re having a bouncy house and refreshments and games and i suspect she’ll come home happy and sleepy. I am going to miss all the fun.

Last week she went to a birthday party where they had a petting zoo and a bouncy house, ice cream and cake. Are you seeing a pattern here? That baby gets out more than I do!

I did get out to have my hair done. I was aiming for looking distinguished but ended up looking like someone who ought to be making cookies, not running four businesses…

The free giveaway of our newest book is done and we had over 2500 people taking advantage of the gift. I hope they write some reviews. In the meantime, I am trying to find homes for the Siamese kittens-cute little buggers. One male, one female and the female looks like grumpy cat, the male is a flamepoint.

Let me check the date here, yes, next week, the 23rd, Tales from Advent and Christmas book 1 will be a 99 cent download on Amazon, just in time to get you in the holiday spirit! Remember to download your copy and enjoy.

Just 99 cents enough stories to get you all through Advent with a smile on your face!

And now time to run off and find some more hot teas for colds. Peace to all humans and life on earth. Pray for the peace of Israel and the 142 other places at war right now…

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