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Just When you Thought Things Might be Quieter, We’re Back!

Bring on the French Fries! Great Grandma is back in town!

It seems like we’ve been gone forever, but it was only a ten day break. We went to a place called the Bear Inn Retreat and I and a bunch of other folks studied ways to help other people find peace and live with joy. Dan and I met a lot of nice folks, meditated, studied, presented one session, and I got another book ready for publishing in the off times and he wrote a term paper for his college class. (OK, so we don’t rest like the rest of you all do. Writing is a joy to me and I can’t imagine a day not writing.) It was time well spent recharging our batteries and now we’ll be much better able to serve God and others with a clearer sense of purpose.

Here are our new friends; we only knew five people here going in and now all of them are in our hearts. I have learned a heart can expand as big as it needs to be to hold others.

And as for the book I finished; it was just published and is available on Amazon. I am making up the marketing for this month and will be posting about several specials but for now, have a look at this new book. It’s a memoir based on my childhood memories and the recipes left to me by my mom when she passed: here I am passing on those that made the most impression on me when I went through it all; it brought back so many good times. At times nostalgic, at times indignant, and always tasty to consider making, enjoy the book with me. I hope it brings a smile to your face.

And now needing to head off to bed: so much to get done to catch up around here, and I need to set up new things for you. Blessings and peace to all life. Pray for the peace of Israel; I understand they’re at war again. Will it never end?
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