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I Promised not to Rant This Time

UH,OH! You all want to join me in my box until this is over? Great-Grandma’s gonna rant! By the way, what is rant?

Somedays, I have a sigh in my soul when I see the world. This is my one paragraph rant about politics. I watched the Republican Debate last night, which started out not too bad but quickly fell into a bunch of people fussing at each other, whether to show they could fight or to cover up what they really believe, I don’t know. Some of them seem to have held it together, but I am now convinced the actual presidential election might just be won by whomever can be civil. 4 out of the 8 last night proved they hold barbarism just a few seconds away. I almost felt bad for Bret and Martha. Is any other station going to hold these as well? In addition, if someone broke the law, ought they not be punished-and that goes for both parties’ people. I’m just a small business person, a farmer and pastor and writer and I’ve been audited for who knows why three times-they never found anything, but for the past three years’ they’ve tried. It’s such a bother. And these people can supposedly, on both sides, get away with this stuff? Disgusting. Shame on them all. OK, rant over. Maybe the storm last night caused my disgruntlement.

Did I tell you the giveaway was done and I am getting snail mail addresses from the winners? I’ll be posting the names shortly. look for an email that says “traveler says you won!” If you didn’t enter, don’t worry about it, you’ll need to enter the next one. If you did enter, check your spam filter, just in case.

Last nights thunderstorm caused us grief. Our little dog Ladybear is missing. She ran off in one of those Booms that were everywhere for about 30 minutes. The rest ran as well, but showed up within a half hour. The gates blew open and the lightening sand thunder and heavy rain and hail chased them from their comfy barn. We have contacted our local shelter folks and we have put it on FB and now here, but I am worried someone picked her up and took her away. She is a dear dog, such a gentle animal. She had her collar and leash on. If anyone local to us here in Mt. Vernon sees her, please contact me.

Moving on to the bookwork; I am putting a new book al about writing on my vella book library. It explains in more detail the work I did here on the writing course. In addition, I got the book about Philippians published; I have another cozy mystery form the Melody’s Zoo series ready to drop and I’ve been working on quilting again. Busy here on the farm, and looking forward to fall. Blessings to you and all life.

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