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Thunderstorms! Kittens, Indoors and Out, Giveaways and New Books

Mom! Is there a reason I have to be up here?

It’s been a busy week: the Siamese cat Duchess had a litter of kittens, hid them so we didn’t know and they have their eyes open-4 of them and cute as buttons. They have been moved to the kitten mat. The outdoor momma cat had 3 kittens three weeks ago and they’re are just cute little fellas, all barn cat. Dan has gotten the dogs new home set up: they live in the orchard which surrounds the Eden garden and they chase out bunnies and other furry things when not chasing each other in total happiness at a nearly quarter acre garden to run in. Or course, the day we moved them in, the weather turned iffy and we had a thunderstorm which didn’t seem to bother them much, they all went into one doghouse, settled down, and slept through it. It’s all good, the garden needed the rain.

Kitties everywhere and they’re all mine!

This week we published our next devotional: it’s a good study in the book of Philippians and is available on Amazon. Finding happiness and allowing it to lead our lives today is a gift many never reach.  Philippians, a little letter in the New Testament, gives us direction in finding joy even during the worst times of our lives. I take each verse individually and breaks them down to show you the steps to finding joy and spreading unity to others each day. There are 40 short episodes. Let them change your life. If you’ve been wondering how to find contentment, then you are looking at the right book. 

And I will be adding a new book to vella next week, I hope. In the meantime, be sure to enter the giveaway-just a couple more days! So far 268 people have entered. Someone has to win this prize-why not you? May the Good Lord bless you and yours and peace to all life.

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