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I wish You could Smell the Spring Flowers Here

Hyacinths are one of my favorites. I wish I could send you the smell!

In spite of tornados, thunderstorms, rain, hail, sleet, snow again (yes, again) fog; in spite of it, the spring flowers prevail. I have forsythias just everywhere along the garage and front of the house; the orchard blooms are coming out, the bees are so busy and in all of it, we have Easter almost here as well, sort of the icing on the cake of Spring. It’s early this year, and close to my grandson’s 7th birthday so today I am catching up and getting a cake ready. Next week, we’ll come together for our family egg hunt with prizes. What do you do to elebrate with your family?

I got the seedlings transplanted out of the hydroponics. I replanted the starter tanks and now we are waiting for the next ones to be ready for transplant. The alpaca mothers are getting close to their due dates and they get sheared next week. I wanted to let you in on the final download special of the month before things got any crazier around here; it’s for a devotional called Just Before Dying He Prayed for You, based on the prayer of Christ in the garden before his death.

It will be a 99 cent special March 27- through April 3; it’s a wonderful devotional for the Easter Season.  Just Before Dying, He Prayed for You; 


It will make your soul happy.

Right now, we are having another spring shower, so I need to put dinner in the oven and set out the cake and such for the party to be. Blessings and hope to hear from you soon!

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