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Shearing, Multiple Personality Disorder and Freebie for You

It was a mild winter, but just look at how fluffy the alpaca used to be…

The morning of the shearing, the weather was in the sixties; baby and I and Great-grandpa spent a couple busy hours outside raking up and cleaning up from winter. Then the shearers came and the CBW (Cutest Baby in Our World) was amazed at what they did and what we allowed them to do.

No, it doesn’t hurt them; however, they become a fraction of what they were in a little less than a half hour.

As she watched, came over and patted them on the head, saying, there, there, baby OK, much to the amusement of the shearer’s, in a little less than two hours, they were here, cleaned up and I have 5 nice bags of fleeces to prep for the mill and the animals are looking much less than themselves.

Now if they will just have their cria safely in the next few weeks, everything will be great in alpaca-land.

In the meantime, the day after shearing, the temp dropped from a balmy 68 to a cold 22 at night, so we had to keep them all in the barn for warmth. They don’t like it, but we all have to live with Ohio’s weather, which approaches a MPD person arguing with the gatekeeper about whose turn it is to get out.

In the meantime, just a note to let you know I am busy setting up specials for you and the first is a free download the day after Easter, April 1, (no foollin’).

Piper’s Impasse  is a Free Amazon download April 1 through 5!

Piper’s future was direct and well thought out; then she met Sebastian; Bigfoot is real, the military is after her and nothing is certain anymore

Get your free copy to celebrate what ought to be the last dying dregs of winter, and to get you ready for the real spring to come. In the meantime, have a grand day and stay warm, cool, or whatever the case may be.

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