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Loving Spring, New Friends, Flowers and You

The iris are lovely this year, two weeks early, but lovely.
. And they need weeded; they bloom anyway.

The weather has been great the last week or so, cool enough to work outside, but warm enough to be comfortable. Most the garden is in, and just one section needs planted. There is no rain in sight until late next week, so we’re irrigating already. Let me just share a couple more pics with you so you can enjoy spring with me.

This is a peony
A tangerine colored iris
This one has three stalks of flowers: I had to stake them up. And they smell lovely.

I was driving to the doctor last week and came across this office building: it used to house Longaberger baskets., I am not certain who has it now, but it’s pretty stunning to drive by. Reminds me of all those diners in the 50’s and 60’s that had odd shaped buildings. There was one we used to stop at when I was a kid that was shaped like a dairy cow and had the best frozen custard.

It can give you a start when you first see it.

And this week we were blessed by a pair of baby ducks. The lady’s grandchild had bought them at a local farm store, had no idea what kind. Anyone have any ideas? I am guessing domestic mallard or Muscovy. This is their first attempt at swimming outside. They will eventually live in our barnyard. The pen is to protect them from our barn cats.

Watch for the specials for next month: we’ll be releasing another book from Hidden America, a cozy mystery box set, a hardback of To Protect One’s Own, and a cookbook on vella. And there will be some pretty cool specials with each one! Blessings and enjoy the sporting-get outside and look for signs of the spring. Blessings and peace to all humans.

P.S. If you’d like a plan to avoid world dominion, To Protect One’s Own is going to keep you up way too late tonight!

To Protect One’s Own 


Good evening!

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