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Orchids, Kittens, Books, Sleeping Out in the Garden

My newest orchid (Guaritonia Why Not) is blooming, which almost makes me feel better after the garden break in.

We have finally had rain, which is great for the garden. The CBW got new rain boots which is lovely as she was able to go out and muck about in the puddles without soaking herself too much. I got all my orchids (I have a modest collection of 25) repotted for the year and they are all showing their happiness by blooming madly in two windows, which is beautiful.

On the sad side, last week on Saturday, Dan and I were walking in the garden and saw that our peaches were well nigh on being ripe. The orchard was just planted three years ago and this is the first year we’ve had any fruit on the trees. I decided to wait a couple more days and harvest them. They looked almost perfect and I even counted them-20, nice red haven freestone peaches. I had made up my mind to make Dan one of his much loved peach cheese cake pies with the gingersnap crust.

So I went out Wednesday to pick them and they were gone. Every single one of them. There was no sign of an animal being near the trees, so we figured someone had seen them, come back under night cover and shaken the tree to gather them. Dan has now got a security camera in our little garden. It’s just so frustrating to think that out here in our small town someone would be so mean as to steal someone’s fruit right off the tree. I hope they get a belly ache! OK, so that’s not nice of me, but stealing isn’t nice either.

However, on the bright side, the mama barn cats’ kittens are doing well; she brings them out to nurse now and then. This is a picture from around 10 at night off our back porch.

The giveaway is still running, if you haven’t entered, best get to it. The free download for this week is over and we ended up having 2250 people downloading our new book, Piper’s Peace. I hope they all enjoy reading it!

And a reminder,

August 13-20: The Falconcrest Chronicles, the four books of the Falconcrest series in their entirety, is a $1.99 download, – get your copy and settle in for a lovely day or two reading this 500+ page epic fantasy!

Blessings and peace to all living things-write to us when you can! Love hearing from you.

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