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The Music I Used to Dance to…is for Housework Now!

Oh, honestly grandma, does this mean we can’t go outside to play? It wasn’t that big a mess…

Yes, it was! It wasn’t until I finished wiping up the gallon bottle of distilled water for my iron the CBW had tried to use to water the houseplants that I realized to clean now, I listen to the music I did when I was a kid. Simon and Garfunkel, the BeeGees, CCR, Joanie Mitchell; I turn on the oldies station, grab my slop up the mess towels and such and start moving furniture to get it all cleaned up. Do you bop around while doing odious tasks accompanied by music that you ought to be dancing to as well?

I did an experiment. I turned it up, started swaying to the beat and began mopping in rhythm. It would have scared the strongest heart but you know, it did make it all go faster. The CBW didn’t like it at first, but with some encouragement, she was soon dancing around with me.

Grandmas dancing are not something that ought to be in public. And I am sorry, I was just trying to help.

She was soon laughing, the mess was done and we went visiting shut-in friends of ours who do enjoy a visit from a cute baby. Have you done anything kind for someone today?

I think adding another special to the line up for this month qualifies; it’s for the last week; but these are the ones to start from. Thank you so much for all who downloaded Piper’s Impasse this last week (over 1500 of you!) and I do hope you enjoy the mystery. There are two more of them already in this series and I am mapping out a fourth about another one of our natural might exist oddities…see if you can figure out which one it is and let me know. There just might be a cool prize for the right answer. The hint is plain as day once you read the book.

And just to remind you of our freebies and specials-

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From April 15 til the 19th, our newest book is FREE!  In God I Trust combines in one volume  the first three devotionals Traveler has written, Big God, Little Me, Lenten Stories for God’s Little Children,  and His Path is Mine. If you want to pull closer to our Creator this book of daily devotionals will make you think, smile, sometimes tear up, but always, always point you back to the Savior whose life was given for us. Find the peace inside that His love brings in its wake.  This will enable you to walk the path from here to His home, grow in His gifts and trust in His Word.

Don’t forget your freebie!

   ‘Cause I love you all, I added another special in April!  For the Love of a Child  is a 99 cent special April  22-28-mark it down on your to-do list!

When Pum Sr. built a zoo to entertain his dying child, it wasn’t his intention to attract a scholarly sociopath. If you enjoy zoos, small towns, cozy mysteries, and exciting plot twists, you are going to love the latest series by Traveler.  This is book 1.

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And now I need to take off and finish the lunch prep. Dan gets fussy when his lunch is late, and so do it! Hope it does not snow tonight as predicted. Blessings to all!

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