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Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and the CBW

We can do this, Grandpa!

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and, for those who are braver than me, have survived the black Friday sales.  People have been saying some inane things about Black Friday-it is nothing ethnic or cultural. It’s the day of the year that merchants could hope to sell enough to turn a profit and finish their business year “in the black” not the red.  It used to be called other things, but somehow, economists got into it and it got dubbed black Friday.  Merchants don’t always make great profits all year, and the day after Thanksgiving, so the tale goes, people were ready to get their Christmas shopping done,  feeling prosperous after a great dinner, and started spending.  Merchants could hope the Christmas season would balance their books for the year and enable them to make it through the doldrum months of the first quarter. For all those folks on the web getting their panties in a dither over it being called Black Friday, back off a little and enjoy the holiday season.

Our CBW is learning how to walk: she balances for a few seconds now, not holding onto anything.  She has decided she loves watching the ballet Swan Lake with Aunt Fawn-all those lovely folks bouncing all over the stage. I want to try her on Nutcracker next. She was helping Uncle Scott wrap gifts earlier; that was a hoot as she took off with the tape, the scissors, paper he’d cut, and a couple times the gifts he was trying to choose a box for-you know in general being a baby trying to help.  The other day, she put a french fry in the dishwasher detergent cup and closed it with this look of utter triumph on her face.  She thought she had helped, I mean, I’m always putting little shiny blobs in there and closing it, then turning it on, why wouldn’t a fry do as well?  They are good for what ails you when you’re nibbly. Dishes have to do with nibbly feelings, so why wouldn’t they go together? She crawled off having done her good deed.

I miss the park so much; we can’t go out in the cold, and I miss being outside. They tell me it will snow soon. I wonder what that’s going to be like. So much to learn.

Now, what have you been doing?  Are you getting busy? After cooking that dinner yesterday-and we ate well, folks, the fatted soybean got caught (we’re all vegetarians.  It’s a hard job to lasso those little fellas and turn them into something recognizable as food.) and all the other fixin’s were eaten. Then I started wrapping Christmas gifts. I just completed prepping the Christmas cards and ordering Christmas crackers for our Christmas dinner.  (By the way, if you want a card from me, best send me your address and name by PM on Facebook or in an email.  I do try to get them all out to my fans when they want one. There were 18 who wanted one this year and I’ve already got those going out.)  Anyhow,  our kids were raised popping one at dinner on Christmas, and even the adults like them.  I’ve had three reminders not to forget to find some. It’s hard to find different ones though, and they are more expensive.   However, there is simply something fun at the end of the meal to doff your paper crown, read your joke out loud and giggle over the silly gifts inside.  It is kind of a tradition around the farm.

Did I tell you I’d mailed out all the last giveaways last week?  If you were a winner, please pm me on FB or leave a comment here letting me know your prize has arrived and maybe when trying to see how long it takes different carriers. So far, our good old post office is delivering faster than fed ex or UPS.

The envelopes look like this except if you won, your name is on it.

I am going to be putting out a book on kindle vella soon!  Let me know what you think; the first three chapters are free which I like because you can decide whether or not you like an author before you spend anything-Vella is Amazon’s new serialized stories program-the author posts the first three chapters at once, and then all the other chapters come out a couple of times a week until the book is over. This book is a cross between scifi, romance, and mythological creatures. I’ll be sharing the cover soon. Spoiler-hope you like Bigfoot!

Now don’t forget the giveaway going on right now that ends the 30th.  You only have 5 days to enter so nest get it done today!  Just go over to the contests page…And the book Kid’s Grow in my Garden is on special for 99 cents until the 30th as well-it’s a wonderful true storybook to read for yourself or to your kids as bedtime stories. 

Next Friday I’ll let you know how things are going on the wrapping side of Christmas; and the specials for December/Christmas.  You take care of yourself and God bless!

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